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« > »> Birth certificate – {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}}

Full copy or birth certificate of the town hall of {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}}

Start my online application Service for obtaining a complete birth certificate or birth certificate from the town hall of {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}} online. Possibility of choosing an act or an extract with filiation or without filiation . Service reserved for individuals available in metropolitan France and in the DOM-TOM. You were born in the municipality of {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}} and you need to obtain an extract or a full birth certificate. You can simply apply online without having to travel to obtain it from the {{mpg_organisation}}. You can make the request directly online for the following documents: – Full copy with filiation – Full copy without filiation – Birth certificate or a copy.

Can I obtain a birth certificate without filiation at the {{mpg_organisation}}?

You have two types of birth certificates. With and without parentage. An act with filiation contains the Parent Surnames and First Names concerned by the act. This is necessary during your passport renewal, identity card renewal, inheritance, marriage, PACS or other administrative requests, you may be asked to present an act with or without filiation. Anyone can request a birth certificate or extract without reason. If the filiations appear, then only certain people can request them.

« > »>What is the difference between a full birth certificate and a birth certificate?

The birth certificate is a summary of the information on the birth register. The birth certificate transcribes precisely all the information in the birth register, including filiations, which is kept by {{mpg_organisation}}.

How is the birth certificate or extract sent?

The deeds and extracts are sent directly by post to the applicant’s address. It takes 6 to 15 days on average to get it. This can vary according to the speed of the services in the execution of the sending of the mail by the {{mpg_organisation}} and the postal services of the municipality of {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}}.

« > »>About the {{mpg_organisation}}

The {{mpg_organisation}} belongs to The town of {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}} is located in the department {{mpg_region}} , its postal code is {{mpg_code_postale}}. It is part of the intercommunality of {{mpg_departement}}. The Insee code for the municipality of {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}} is the number {{mpg_code_insee}}. Address {{mpg_organisation}} Street: {{mpg_adresse_rue_mairie}} Postal Code: {{mpg_code_postale}}, {{mpg_adresse_ville_mairie_v2}} The opening hours of the {{mpg_organisation}} may vary in the event of public holidays or national holidays. Monday timetable: {{mpg_heures_du_mardi}} Tuesday timetable: {{mpg_heures_du_mercredi}} Wednesday timetable: {{mpg_heures_du_jeudi}} Thursday timetable: {{mpg_heures_du_fridredi}} Friday timetable: {{mpg_heures_du_samedi}} Saturday timetable: { {mpg_heures_du_dimanche}} Sunday schedule: Closed Coordinates Latitude: {{mpg_latitude}} Longitude: {{mpg_longitude}} INSEE rope: {{mpg_code_insee}}

Maternity service of the municipality of {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}}

Les communes peuvent disposer d’un ou plusieurs services de maternité. Il y existe différent type de services de maternité ; certain services sont  publique et d’autre sont des services de maternité privée. Dans la commune de {{mpg_nom_ville_miniscule}}, la maternité {{mpg_nom_mat}} est un service de maternité {{mpg_statut}} proposant {{mpg_lit_obs}} lits. Les maternités fonctionnent 24h/24. Ces informations ne couvrent pas l’ensemble des maternités et elles sont seulement à titre information. Ces informations peuvent variées. Nom de la maternité : {{mpg_nom_mat}} Type : {{mpg_type}} Statut de la maternité : {{mpg_statut}} Adresse de la maternité : {{mpg_nom_mat}} Rue : {{mpg_adresse_mat}} Code Postal : {{mpg_cpo}}, {{mpg_nomcom}} Caractéristques de la maternité Nombre de lits : {{mpg_lit_obs}} Nombre de salle travail : {{mpg_saltrav}} Acte de naissance Paris Acte de naissance Toulouse Acte de naissance Lille Acte de naissance Le Havre Acte de naissance Grenoble Acte de naissance Villeurbanne Acte de naissance Clermont-Ferrand Acte de naissance Limoges Acte de naissance Metz Acte de naissance Marseille Acte de naissance Nice Acte de naissance Rennes Acte de naissance Saint-Étienne Acte de naissance Dijon Acte de naissance Nîmes Acte de naissance Aix-en-Provence Acte de naissance Tours Acte de naissance Amiens Acte de naissance Lyon Acte de naissance Montpellier Acte de naissance Reims Acte de naissance Toulon Acte de naissance Angers Acte de naissance Le Mans Acte de naissance Brest Acte de naissance Strasbourg Birth certificate Commune Oreilla Birth certificate Nantes